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Ecology and Management of Annual Rangelands


  1. Mediterranean Climate (M.George)
  2. Ecological History (J. Bartolome and S. Spiegal)
  3. Soils (A.T. O'Geen and K. Arroues)
  4. History of Rangeland Management (S. Larson-Praplan)
  5. Plant Growth and Development (M. George and K. Rice)
  6. Vegetation Change and Ecosystem Services (M. George, D. Eastburn, L. Roche)
  7. Livestock Production (J. Harper, T. Becchetti, J. Davy, M. George)
  8. Grazing Management (M. George, B. Frost, N. McDougald)
  9. Vegetation Management (M. George and J. Davy)