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Online Learning Resources

Information and education resources for California's and the world's rangelands.

Ecology & Management of Annual Rangelands

Synthesis of the ecology and management of California's annual rangelands.


Ecology and Management of Grazing, an Online Course

The Ecology and Management of Grazing online course examines the relationship between vegetation and grazing animals in rangeland ecosystems. Topics are introduced through the use of "mini-documentaries" and expanded in narrated lecture presentations.


Ecological Site Descriptions and State and Transition Models

Overview and information resources for the ecological site land classification system, including links to California-specific ecological site descriptions.


California Vegetation

 Rangeland acreage and spatial distribution information. 


Rangelands Partnership

The Global Rangelands and Rangelands West websites are part of a collective effort—the Rangelands Partnership—by land-grant universities and collaborating international partners.


World Rangelands

Exploration of World Rangelands, led by University of Arizona, is developing rangeland web content for use internationally.  A consortium of universities, including UC Davis, are collaborated on this project.