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Ranch Water Quality Management Planning


  • UC Cooperative Extension and USDA NRCS have been jointly conducting Ranch Water Quality Planning Short Courses for rangeland owners since 1995.  During these courses rangeland owners and managers learn about non-point source pollution and develop a water quality plan for their property. 
  • From 1997 to 2004 more than 800 ranchers have attended this short course developing plans for more than 1.5 million acres of privately owned rangeland.  Based on a survey conducted in 2002-2003 two-thirds of the ranchers who took the course implemented "best management practices" that address potential pollutions sources that they identified in their water quality plans.
  • While we continue to offer these short courses we have developed this website so that rangeland owners and managers can develop plans without attending a short course.  We will continue to offer short courses and you should contact your local Livestock and Range Farm Advisor or your local USDA NRCS Conservationist to request information about courses.

Ranch Water Quality Planning Course