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The UC Rangelands Research & Education Archive provides access to rangeland and pasture information, including more than 700 archived publications and reports.


Archived Publications and Reports

The rangeland and pasture publication archive includes reports dating back to the late 1800s. >>More




Online Learning Resources

Learning resources for students, teachers, land managers, and the general public. >>More 




Ecology & Management of Annual Rangelands

by D. Nelson
Synthesis of the ecology and management of California's annual rangelands. >>More 





Publication Highlight

Coping with Drought on California Rangelands
A hopeful piece of green grass with cow in background

The statewide drought that has gripped California since late 2012 has had severe impacts...>>More

Rangeland Links

UC Rangelands

UC Rangelands hosts the most recent information on UCCE research on California's grazingalnds. >>More.

Society for Range Management

Professional society dedicated to supporting persons who work with rangelands and have a commitment to their sustainable use. >>More

California Pacific Section of SRM

Providing science, leadership, and information for California-Pacific Rangeland Communities. >>More

2018 SRM Annual Meeting

The 71st Society For Range Management Annual Meeting will be held January 28 Jan - February 2 in Reno, NV! >>More







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